The D-Life project is a strong international and interdisciplinary cross-fertilisation between different research fields, creating a deep synergy between biology, biophysics, and biorobotics​ for performing behavioral experiments of dung beetles, investigating their morphology and biomechanics, and developing a biorobotic model with detailed body and leg structures and computational motor control based on behavioral and biomechanical data. The DLife project is organized in the following three main work packages:

Work Package 1:

Behavioral experiments

Leading Institute:
Lund University

Contact Person:
Emily Baird

Work Package 2:

Biomechanical investigation

Leading Institute:
Kiel University

Contact Person:
Stanislav N. Gorb

Work Package 3:

Bio-Robotic model

Leading Institute: 
University of Southern Denmark

Contact Person:
Poramate Manoonpong

With the interdisciplinary collaboration each research field can use the newly developed innovative and powerful robotic platforms as evaluation tools