The 1st joint workshop on Biology-inspired robotics and Robotics-inspired Biology (BIRRIB)

The 15th International Conference on the Simulation of Adaptive Behavior (SAB2018) , Frankfurt, Germany, 14.08.2018


Big grant for dung beetle research

Emily Baird, researcher at Lund Vision Group at Lund University in Sweden, has been awarded a three year long research grant from The Human Frontier Science Program Organization, HFSPO.

Researchers to develop a robot beetle

In a three year research project, researchers will decode the special qualities of dung beetles and transfer them to a robot. The dung beetle is particularly strong and can form a large ball out of a pile of dung then roll it home, navigating by the sun.

Researchers to develop a robot beetle

International research project under CAU participation receives 1 million euros for the development of a bionic robot